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Our goal is to deliver websites that make your business better.  A lot goes into your website so it's not only important that people can view it no matter what device they're using they need to be able to find it.   EMS stands for Electronic Marketing Systems and our team, along with strategic partnerships, specialize in designing beautiful websites focused on turning the traffic we drive there into customers.

Elisa Baxt

Elisa is an accomplished social media freelancer with six years experience managing social accounts for small to medium-sized businesses. She is also a photographer who is well-known in the local retail, hospitality and tourism community. Elisa's forte is helping your business gain a relevant online audience. As a creative writer and photographer, she will do a great job bringing attention to your business. Elisa is available to manage your social accounts long term, short term, or she is able to train and coach your staff/administrative assistant how to set up and maintain Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook for business; or how to manage your blog.

Maryann Brinley

Content Specialist - I am an experienced editor and award-winning writer of books, magazine articles, newsletters, and all sorts of non-fiction works. In other words, I’m a content provider! I am keenly interested in medicine, science, the human brain, relationships, but most important of all, the incredible power of words. A graduate of Penn State University, I have worked at Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s Day, Family Health, Woman Magazine (editor-in-chief), McCall’s Magazine and Rutgers University publications. I was also the Director of the Infants and Children’s laboratory at the Good Housekeeping Institute and I’ve written eight books, including Jackie Cochran, The Autobiography of the Greatest Woman Pilot in Aviation History.

Mike Lanctot

Founder and CEO.  Over 15 years experience developing websites for a wide variety of clientele.   I am a graduate of West Virginia University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts.  Continuous education is extremely important to me to stay on top of the best practices that produce a first class user experience for your visitors.  In addition to a beautifully designed website, the goal is to drive traffic there and convert them into customers.  I feel it's key to stay on top of the current trends that produce results and engage in strategic partnerships within the industry to make your website and digital marketing plan a success.

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